Pricing of Electric Fences

11/12/2012 1:07:58 PM

How is Electric Fencing Priced?

Electrical fences are electrified steel or other metallic fences that are used in home, industry or in agriculture.

Electrical fences are made by having a pulsed current go through a wire or a series of wires that can cause a minor (or major) electrocution injury to anyone or anything that touches the fence. The electrical current goes to a grounded pole or post that dissipates the pulse into the earth.

Pricing of electric fences

EFence doen not charge for electric fencing per metre. A site inspection is done and a quote is then sent through to the client. You should budget approximately R8000 to R12000 for a standard 6 or 8 line wall top fence.

Cheap electric fencing pitfalls

There are many electric fencing pitfalls. The most common one is that incorrect brackets are used. Some electric fence installers also undercut costs by skimping on required energisers or installing too fewer strands.

eFence uses mainly aluminium fence wire for new electric fence installations and when rewiring. This is because the lifespan of aluminium fence wire is approximately 9-10 year. The wire also offers better conduction.