Tips to safeguard your home this holiday

12/12/2012 9:51:41 AM

The holidays are here and for many that means escaping the city and enjoying a relaxing holiday away from home. Unfortunately, with many homes being left unattended during the holiday season, criminals take advantageof your absence and are the most active. Don't come home from your relaxing holiday to find your house has been violated by some opportunistic intruder!

Get a house-sitter

Ensure your home is actively monitored by a someone. Spend the money and get someone in to house-sit. Potential criminals will see that the house is active, the lights are on, people are coming and going and will rather choose an easier option. There are many people who offer house-sitting services. You'll enjoy your holiday more, if you're not worrying about your home being a target for criminals.

If you can't get a house-sitter, befriend your neighbour. Ask them if they would please check on your house while you’re away, perhaps even switching on the lights at night.

Keep your pool blue

A green pool is a sure indication that you haven’t been home for some time. Unfortunately, it can also be expensive to leave your pool pump running all the time. Look at installing a GSM switch to your pool pump. These switches enable you to switch the pump on and off from anywhere in the world via a free missed call or SMS from your phone! They can also be used to switch your lights on at night, creating the impression that someone is home.

Have someone collect your mail

A full mailbox is likely to alert criminals to the fact that you’re away. Ask a friend or neighbour to collect your mail regularly.

Test your intruder alarm and your electric fence

Don’t put off testing your house alarm and your electric fence until the last minute, when there might not be sufficient time to have them repaired. Contact eFence and let's make sure there's one more item you don't have to worry about while you're away!

Give the Security Company Access

If something does happen at home while you’re away, make sure your armed response provider has unrestricted access to your premises. The more obstacles they have to face to get into your house, the more time intruders have to help themselves to your belongings and escape.

Ensure your access control system is structured in such a way that it lets the right ones in and keeps the wrong ones out! There are access control systems that can assign a unique and secure access code that is only valid for a limited number of activations. If you authorise your armed response company to enter your property twice (as an example), after the 2nd entry they will no longer be able to enter your property. This keeps the integrity on our security system intact. Contact eFence for more information.